Red Carpet Tango Festival


Red Carpet Tango Festival passes are non-transferable. You must present valid identification at hotel check-in and at festival's registration desk. Please be advised that you must check-in at the hotel in accordance with your registration information.

Please be sure to arrive on time to all classes. Entrance to classes will not be permitted once class has started.

Red Carpet Tango Productions, LLC allows videoing at the end of each class.

In registering and attending this event, I acknowledge and agree to the following:

Liability Waiver: I understand that involvement in physical activities such as dance and musical trial carry a risk of injury. I fully understand that participation in this event's activities could include actions and/or movements which might be perilous and that I could be injured. I declare that I do not have any physical conditions that may aggravate the risk of injury. Further, I fully understand this dance approach and technique is mostly close physical contact/embrace and it requires bodies to be touching. I am voluntarily participating in this event with full knowledge and understanding of the above. I also understand that I will be asked to sign Red Carpet Tango Productions LLC Liability Waiver Form when I arrive at the Red Carpet Tango Festival Registration Desk before I am permitted entrance to participate in this event.

Red Carpet Tango Productions LLC reserves the right to photograph and film throughout this event. I hereby give my permission and grant to Red Carpet Tango Productions LLC/Red Carpet Tango Festival the perpetual, worldwide non-exclusive right to exhibit, distribute, transmit, reproduce, publicly display all or any photographs and/or videos taken of me during this event by all means of transmission and delivery, whether now known or thereafter developed.

Red Carpet Tango Productions LLC reserves the right to make changes to any segment of this Festival: Class Schedules, Milongas, Maestros, etc.

Refund Policy:
50% Refund for cancellations received by August 31st. Absolutely NO refunds after August 31st.

Please contact us with any inquiry you may have at: Email