Red Carpet Tango Festival


Tango BC - Power Trio Milonguero

Santiago Cursach

Santiago Cursach, guitarist, arranger, composer and teacher of tango and folklore. Santiago has toured Europe and North America giving concerts in concert halls and milongas. Some notable shows and events include: Festival of Tangopostale of Toulouse (France), Festival of the Five Continents (Switzerland), Festival de Tango (Montreal, Canada), Red Carpet Tango Festival (Las Vegas, NV USA), Tango de Tampere (Finland), Festival de Tango (Buenos Aires, Argentina). He has also performed at milongas in Russia and Germany. Santiago has arranged and recorded CDs of tango, folklore, bosa nova, samba and rock. He has recorded with celebrated musicians such as maestro Horacio Romo, the violinist Pablo Agri, singer Esteban Riera and bassist Guillermo Ferrer (musician of Osvaldo Pugliese’s Orchestra), amongst other recognized artists.

Mariano Barreiro

Mariano Barreiro, pianist and arranger born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1983. In his vast artistic tour, Mariano has integrated with tango, jazz and Argentine folklore ensembles. Mariano has presented concerts in Europe, North America and Asia; performing in concert halls and milongas. He recorded his first tango duo album with Santiago Cursach and the special participation of musicians of the stature of the violinist Pablo Agri, the bandoneonist Horacio Romo and contrabassist Horacio Cabarco. He has made musical arrangements of tango for international productions and artists, amongst which stands out the international singer Candi Sosa de Cuba. Mariano has also participated in international festivals including the International Festival of Tango of Tallinn (Finland), Tangopostale Festival (Toulouse, France), Red Carpet Tango Festival (Las Vegas, NV USA), Festival of the Five Continents (Switzerland) as well as Festival de Tango (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

Martin Cecconi

Martin Cecconi, bondoneon player, was born on January 26, 1978 in the District of Núñez, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has played in many prestigious houses of tango such as Café de los Angelitos, Señor Tango, Esquina Homero Manzi, Café Tortoni, El Viejo Almacén, amongst many others. Martin has also participated with diverse music groups: La Chicana, Tanguetto, Sexteto Ojos de Tango, Julián Hermida Quintet and Sexteto Mayor together with singers such as María Graña, Raúl Lavie and Guillermito Fernandez. He has been in several tours all through the Americas, Europe and Asia, performing in concert halls, milongas and tango festivals. Martin toured the full Mediterranean (Africa included) managing and directing the Tango Shows of Cruises Royal Caribbean. He has performed in Mexico, Chile, Paraguay, France, Germany, Spain, Greece, Italy, China at Expo Shanghai 2010 and Expo Korea 2011. Most recently, Martin created his own contemporary tango quartet group showcasing his own personal compositions.