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Jorge Torres

Jorge Torres

Jorge Torres began his dance training at the age of 3 when as fate would have it Mr. Norberto Guichenduc, the highly acclaimed ballet and tango dancer from Europe arrived to Jorge’s hometown on a mission. Soon thereafter, Mr. Norberto Guichenduc, recognizing Jorge’s natural talent, became his personal trainer, mentor and friend for life. Even before graduating from his studies to be a dance teacher himself, Jorge had begun his professional career at the internationally renowned Teatro Colon of Buenos Aires.

Jorge Torres has studied the art of Argentine Tango from dancers and teachers of great stature, including Norberto Guichenduc, Rodolfo Dinzel, Pepito Avellaneda and Antonio Todaro. He was a member of the jury for the First World Championship of Argentinean Tango in Buenos Aires in 2003 as well as in 2009, the jury for the Campionato Asiatico in 2011 and has been the main jury for the USA Tango Championships since 2007. Jorge, never one to rest on his laurels continually searches for ways to expand his understanding of the core elements of the body and its power to move through Reiki and Akido.

Jorge is the consummate professional who has achieved the highest standards and accolades. Nonetheless his personal mantra remains: “in order to succeed you must always believe you are wearing a white belt.” (excerpt from public records)