Red Carpet Tango Festival


These are general expectations for social Argentine Tango dancing. Although most of us may be knowledgeable of the Tango codes, in anticipation of new students, Red Carpet Tango Productions considers important the mention of the most common codes and/or rules. The suggestions are given to encourage a friendly and enjoyable social atmosphere during this event. This is not an all-inclusive list and it is non-gender specific.


  • Relaxed, casual and comfortable clothing is suggested when attending workshops.
  • Formal attire is suggested when attending Milongas.
  • Tee-shirts and/or tennis shoes are not allowed at Milongas.
  • Tennis shoes are not recommended when attending the workshops; this will limit your ability for pivots and turns and may cause injury.
  • Appropriate dance shoes are highly recommended when attending the workshops; this applies to women and men. The use of well fitting dance shoes provides you a true exercise and practice in preparation for the Milongas.


  • Arrive on time to all classes. Entrance will not be permitted once class has started.
  • Ask questions courteously and allow others to do the same.
  • Do not be rough or forceful with your partner, be gentle.
  • Be friendly, kind and generous to everyone.
  • Do not force your partner into close embrace; let them choose the distance with which they are comfortable.
  • Be careful in your use of language and sexual innuendos.


  • Stand by the edge of the dance floor; do not put yourself in the way of the dancers.
  • Always ask for a dance in a polite manner.
  • Gracefully accept or decline an invitation to the dance floor.
  • Respect your partner at all times during the dance.
  • Talking while dancing is inappropriate.
  • Never conduct any teaching at the Milonga.
  • Tango is a traveling dance; the line of dance is counter clockwise, maintain common dance flow.
  • Respect other dancers' space.